Temperature & Precipitation to ONE YEAR AHEAD

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More skill than standard 30-year Average


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When average isn’t good enough

ERREx, Inc. announces the commercial availability of its SmartNormal™ product suite. SmartNormal™ is demonstrating improved skill in daily, weekly and monthly temperature and precipitation forecasts out to one year ahead.

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Shown here are selected SmartNormal™ temperature forecasts for one week, prepared months in advance. The bar graphs show how much warmer (red) or colder (blue) expected temperatures will be compared to last year's experience. The SmartNormal™ algorithm can be applied to any site worldwide that has maintained good 30-year weather records.

SmartNormal™ helps narrow the range of variability to be considered. SmartNormal™ predictions from several months to a year ahead assist farmers trying to plan seed purchases or equipment utilization. Growing Degree day accumulations offer insight into crop progress and production potential. For energy usage, SmartNormal™ offers predictive improvement in the accumulation of heating and cooling Degree Days, enhancing skill above the static 30 year average.

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