MyWxMeds mission is to predict attacks of common medical disorders based upon meteorological factors.


Weve developed a set of mathematical models that show a strong correlation between weather and attacks of common medical disorders.

Having an abundance of migraine data, weve looked at a variety of factors which include considering dynamic as opposed to static weather patterns and have developed an early warning system for migraine that could afford patients an invaluable tool to help them take steps to prevent or mitigate a potential attack.

The utilized methods for modeling migraine risk can be applied to the individual or to a population for predicting a range of health events such as attacks of depression, heart attacks, stroke, emphysema, asthma, and migraine. Moreover, the methods used are ideally suited for big data.

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When generalized, our patented methodology can be used to not only to predict attacks of disease but can be applied for customized healthcare staffing solutions, such as assisting in predicting staffing needs under expected weather conditions. Our methods for creating weather-based customizable risk models is creating a new arena in healthcare and will have utility for both the self-directed, self-monitoring individuals well as the physician directed patient population throughout the entire healthcare sector.


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