A superior climate normal up to one year ahead.


Crop and Livestock Agricultural Reporting Statistical Service


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ERREx teams with R&D partner WxAnalyst, LTD to offer research and development projects for many businesses, working directly or indirectly with individual clients.

ERREx, Inc. is a business to business environmental consulting company.

Long Range Climate prediction is finally getting real interest.  ERREx developed SmartNormal™ to provide agricultural, energy, transportation, retail and many other enterprises with climate planning guidance from two weeks to one year into the future.

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"I can't believe how accurate this cold projection has been ... Way back in September we identified the first week in Jan as having the coldest potential and it is proving to be very accurate ... That is certainly impressive ..." - Michael J. Garavaglia, Fort Pierce, FL (January, 2014)

SmartNormal™ - When average isn’t good enough.


ERREx is working with WxAnalyst to obtain crowd-sourced weather observations  (iseeweather) across the globe using a web (internet) site with cell phone apps, iOS6 and Android.  A Beta test is ongoing with observers working in the US and in Brazil. visit IcWx now

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ERREx, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of its iseeweather™ crowdsourcing weather observation app for both Android and Apple mobile phones, desktops and tablets. iseeweather™ is a different way of looking at weather – your way. Download the app for phones at the Android or Apple stores. All versions can be downloaded directly from the iseeweather™ website:

Polar Vortex

GFS 500 hPa

ERREx, Inc. is also the primary research and development lead in development of Polar Vortex Index methodology for the prediction of extreme weather events. Using a proprietary algorithm suite, global atmospheric variables are developed to represent a changing atmosphere with associated surface impact.


CALARSS (Crop and Livestock Agricultural Reporting Statistical Service) is designed to supplement or replace the information gathered by the governmental National Agricultural Statistical Service (NASS), a primary informational driver of most major commodity markets worldwide.  In the fall of 2013, commodity outfits were left without information during the government shutdown. While designed to supplement governmental reports, CALARSS will eventually offer a greater source of information which can be gathered using traditional statistical methodologies.  Crowd sourcing will provide more information and more timely updates of information that will help farmers, traders and logistical groups understand the agricultural market. ENTER CALARSS

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ERREx and WxAnalyst are partnering with SystemOperations.COM to push real-time weather information (observations and hazards) into the cockpit. Our proprietary software will be used on a piece of hardware the pilot will carry into the cockpit. With this Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), pilots and Dispatchers can view and react to changing weather events as they unfold. We show where thunderstorms, turbulence and other hazards to flight are encountered. We do this using a visualization process pioneered by WxAnalyst under NASA SBIR contracts called COLLADA Computing.  With this technology, BIG DATA sets can be shown in multiple dimensions (N-Dimensions). GOTO WxOps